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ATS/APSR/ERS New Lung Function Reference Value: a united approach
J. Stocks, X. Baur, B. Culver, G. Hall. Approved in February 2010

ERS/ATS Broncho Provocation Challenge Testing
F. de Jongh, P. Sterk, B. Culver, A. Coates. Approved in November 2009

Congenital Malformations of the Lung
S. Kotecha, F. Midulla. Approved in April 2009

ERS/ATS Statement on Sarcoidosis: an Update
G. Hunninghake, U. Costabel. Approved in April 2009

ERS Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of Churg-Strauss Syndrome and related disorders
J.-F. Cordier, L. Guillevin. Approved in April 2009

ATS/ERS Consensus definition, evaluation, mechanisms and research into Severe Asthma
K. Chung, S. Wenzel. Approved in November 2008

Treatment of Pneumocystis Pneumonia Taskforce
M. Woodhead, R. Miller. Approved in November 2008 

ERS/ISAM joint Task Force on new inhalation therapies: what the pulmonary specialist should know
F. de Jongh, H. Janssens and B. Laube. Approved in February 2008

ERS/COST Action B26/ESH joint consensus statement for the management of patients with OSAS and hypertension
G. Parati and P. Levy. Approved in February 2008

ERS/ATS/ISHLT/ACCP joint Task Force on management of the lung transplant recipients
K. Meyer, G. Raghu, J. Egan, P. Corris and G. Verleden. Approved in February 2008

ERS/ATS joint Task Force on lung adenocarcinoma: international multidisciplinary consensus subclassification
E. Brambilla and W. Travis. Approved in October 2008

Non-CPAP therapies in obstructive sleep apnoea
J. Verbraecken and W. Randerath. Approved in June 2007

Management of work-related asthma
X. Baur and T. Sigsgaard. Approved in February 2007

ERS/ATS joint Task Force on idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: new guidelines for clinical management. An update of the international consensus statement on the diagnosis and treatment guidelines
G. Raghu, J. Egan and F. Martinez. Approved in September 2006

Guidelines for the management of adult lower respiratory tract infections II
M. Woodhead. Approved in November 2005

COPD epidemiology in Eastern Europe and Western Europe
P. Bakke. Approved in March 2004

ERS/ATS joint Task Force on smoking-related interstitial lung disease
J-F. Cordier and U. Costabel. Approved in March 2004

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