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School Committee

Who are the members?
The ERS School committee is comprised of the Chair and the Directors listed below and the Secretaries of Scientific Assemblies.

ERS School Chair & Directors

Paolo Palange
ERS School Chair


Mario Cazzola
PG Courses Director


Gilbert Massard
External Activities Director


Johannes H. Wildhaber
Learning Resources Director


Leif Bjermer
Breathe Editor



Assembly Secretaries

Enrico Clini
Clinical Assembly


Paolo Pelosi
Respiratory Intensive Care Assembly

Thomas Geiser
Cell and Molecular Biology Assembly


Wilfried De Backer
Clinical Physiology and Integrative Biology Assembly


Guy Joos
Inflammatory Airway Diseases and Clinical Allergy Assembly


Bo E.J. Lundback
Occupation and Epidemiology Assembly


Ernst Eber
Paediatrics Assembly

Annette Boehler
Thoracic Surgery Assembly


Geraldine Burge
Allied Respiratory Professionals Assembly


Gernot Rohde
Respiratory Infections Assembly

Johan Vansteenkiste
Thoracic Oncology Section

Konrad Bloch
ERS Examination Chair


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